Welcome to the Mercedes Benz Veteranclub

Just a star? That is not enough for us!

The MVC sees its task to preserve all vehicles from the production Mercedes (DMG, Daimler Motorengesellschaft), Benz (Benz & Cie. And the few still remaining 

C.Benz Söhne vehicles) as well as Daimler-Benz production. This creates one of the most colorful mixtures of members in the scene. Maintenance, care and restoration of these cars is our declared goal. Our 16 type speakers provide expert assistance to the individual types and subject areas for their special field. All vehicles built on chassis (chassis) are supported. This begins with the first automobile, the Benz patent motor vehicle, and ends only after the Second World War. Even after that, the 170 series as well as 220 (W187), 300 and the legendary 300 SL were created according to such principles. The service spectrum ends with the expiry of the production of the 300 SL Roadster (W198) in 1963. The MVC covers nearly eighty years of automobile history. Anyone interested in such vehicles can become a member. For the acqu


isition of the membership is therefore the mere passion for this and not necessarily the possession of such a vehicle necessary.

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